Anwar El-Sadat calls for amending the Arab Treaty for fighting terrorism

Anwar El- Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development party", called on Dr. Nabil el-Arabi, the Secretary-General of the Arab League " to discuss amending the Arab Convention for fighting terrorism of 1998 in the coming session of the Arab ministerial meeting in its 142 session to allow the Arab League to challenge global terrorism by all means militarily, politically, intellectually and economically.

El-Sadat criticized the weakness of the Arab League in dealing with terrorism in Arab countries in a way that led to the emerge of the Islamic State (Da'ash) in Iraq and Syria, which is now one of the largest terrorist groups in the world that threatens all Arab and foreign countries after several terrorist acts that targeted Arabs and foreigners alike, the organization was successful in attracting extremists of different nationalities.

Mostafa Jibreel 

Media coordinator 


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