Reform and Development party calls on Mehleb to review his decision regarding the National council for the disabled

Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar El-Sadat strongly rejected the decision of the Prime Minister / Ibrahim Mahlab, No. 1658 of 2014, which cancelled the legal subordination of the National Council for the disabled to the Ministry of Social Solidarity, without consulting the disabled as they are the ones with the major interest.

El-Sadat described this decision to be a violation of the disabled rights, and a clear violation of the 2014 constitution, which states clearly in Article 214 that the state should ensure the council's independence and for it to enjoy a legal personality and a technical, financial and administrative autonomy, and for its opinion to be considered when discussing law drafts and regulations related to the disable
The party also called on the President and the Prime Minister to review the decision to comply with law and the Constitution and in recognition of the desire of the disabled to positively participate in making a better future for Egypt



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