Reform and Development party asks the international community to take advantage of the new truce between Israel and Palestinians

Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar Sadat welcomed Israel and Hamas approval of a new cease-fire for 72 hours starting as of this morning, Tuesday, August 5th, asserting the need to take advantage of this truce and start quick negotiations to reach a permanent cease-fire through compromises that ensure peace and stability for both sides. 

Reform and development party asked the international community to invest in this truce and immediately start to settle the Palestinian-Israeli conflict through concessions offered by both sides to prevent bloodshed, calling for the Arab League to adopt this track in light of this truce, which paves the road for negotiations based on the two-state solution. 

The party asked both sides to abide by the established truce and restraint order to save lives of innocent people, demanding the Palestinian and Israeli sides to reconsider the initiative previously offered by Egypt for the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. 

Mustafa Gebril 
Media coordinator


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