No, Mr. President

Sadat: I believe that there is an intentional slowdown in the parliamentary electionsprocess, and media is powerful but it is not the only force.

In a time that people call for electing a new parliament, because of its importance in shaping the next phase of the history of political and legislative life in Egypt,it looks like the political leadership is not interested in the completion of the third and final stage of the roadmap according to the constitution that people and the political and national forces agreed on.

This procrastination in finishing the parliamentary elections can only be described as an intentional slowdown that makes us suspicious about the presidency institution and the government desire to make whatever decisions they want without being supervised by a parliament, and some people started calling for postponing the parliamentary elections under the pretext of fear of terrorism and achievingdevelopment and even some went further and called for cancellation of the parliament which will make a jokeout of us in front of the whole world after two revolutions that came as a result of the absence of social justice and law enforcement.

And as I see, Mr. President, you are interested in meeting media people and businessmen and we don't take that against you but support you and support your intention if it is to use them in delivering messages that you want to deliver to people and backing your positions and your decisions, but beside media people and businessmen there are leaders of political and youth forces who have a big impact and should not be ignored.

Therefore, I ask you, not to listen to some of the newcomers to politics around you regarding the slowdown of the process of the parliamentary elections because we need a respectable parliament that rule with you and you have no option no matter for how long elections were delayed because the absence of aparliament means reconsiderationof the roadmap and I think we are at a time that Egypt won't be able to face further conflicts and divisions.


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