El-Sadat: the US is admitting, for the first time, that Egypt is currently involved in a war against terrorism

Anwar El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" considered the deputy spokeswoman of the American foreign ministry Marie Harf statement ,that Egypt is facing serious terrorist threats, not only in Sinai but also in other areas and that acts of violence and vandalism have increased and confirming that the United States is cooperating with Egypt in fighting terrorism ,to be the beginning for the US understanding the real situation in Egypt and an explicit American recognition that Egypt is fighting a war against terrorism.

El-Sadat asserted that this is the first clear and direct recognition from the US that condemns terrorism in Egypt and the first to recognize and even support Egypt in the fight against terrorism and what Islamic groups do on the ground. Sadat considered this new recognition to be a step towards the Egyptian-American relations going back to normal and the continuation of American support for Egypt politically and economically, especially after electing the new Egyptian parliament and the completion of building state institutions and the creation of a democratic state that respects the rights and dignity of all Egyptians.


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