El-Sadat: We support the Palestinian Cause but Calls For Escalation Must Stop

El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" condemned demands of escalation from some politicians of the Egyptian government after the Israeli attack on Gaza, pointing out that Egypt can't engage in regional conflicts because of its current internal problems.

El-Sadat said that Egypt supported the Palestinian cause for decades and considered it as a priority in all international forums, and did not back down for a moment, despite being accused of betrayal after signing its peace treaty with Israel, Egypt support for the Palestinian cause will continue despite changing regimes and policies in Egypt.

El-Sadat said that we support Palestinians and offer our help, but this does not mean to get into conflicts and wars given our current complex circumstances and problems, we must call for truce and peaceful coexistence, and find compromises and solutions to ensure peace and stability for both sides.


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