El-Sadat: My Experience with Electoral Alliances was Awful and Civil Parties should Reconsider How they Perform

Anwar El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" attributed civil parties failure in establishing strong electoral alliance in the upcoming parliamentary elections to everyone's desire to make personal gains for himself and his party without taking into consideration the national interest, and the absence of the most basic elements for the success of political and electoral alliances which is participation and consistency in visions.

El-Sadat said that negotiations between parties are not over yet, but so far they haven't reached any agreement. There are major challenges facing electoral alliances that led to such failure, things like personalization, lack of collective action, funding and everyone's ambition to form an alliance under his name because he sees himself as a political star and differing visions resulting from dispersion and inconsistency over the distribution of seats according to financial capabilities. Some of them look to the president and take decisions based on his gestures.

El-Sadat said that his recent experience in building alliances was a disturbing one because of some opportunistic figures, who does not possess the necessary vision and serve their interests only, pointing out that such situation will push people to lose all faith in civil entities and political parties stressing that these parties will need to reconsider their situation if they failed to establish an electoral alliance to run for the parliamentary elections. Sadat said that there are many national figures who are capable of managing the next parliament neutrally because of the legal, constitutional and political experience that they posses, people like Adly Mansour, Tahany el- Gebaly ,Dr / Fathi Fekri , Dr / Mufid Shehab, and Sameh Ashour.

Mostafa Jibreel 

Media coordinator


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