Anwar El- Sadat: The Government was Mistaken because it was not Transparent Enough with People about the Real Situation and the Reasons for the Removal of Subsidies

Anwar El-Sadat "Chairman of Reform and Development Party" said that Government decision to remove subsidiesand increase taxes on some goods and services are necessary decisions that should have been taken long time ago but had to be accompanied by openness with people about the real situation and the reasons for the removal of subsidies for people to accept such decisions and help the government overcome these difficulties. Political parties, media and civil society organizations should work together in illustrating the importance of such decisions, and how these economic reforms will eventually benefit people on the long run.

El-Sadat said that removing subsidiesshould be within a framework of procedures and policies that define resources and link subsidieswith earnings and categorize people according to their monthly income, in addition to proposing applicable plans to handle the budget deficit with regard to taxes and new labor laws.

El-Sadat said that the only consolation is that all these decisions have been taken in the absence of people representatives in an elected parliament to watch these governments that have been operating without any supervision over the past years. After the next House of Representatives is elected it will be discussing these decisions urgently.

Mostafa Jibreel 
Media coordinator 


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