El Sadat: Next Electoral Alliances are Threat to the Parliament and Oust Citizen Dreams

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, chairman of the Reform and Development Party has cautioned of the electoral coalitions which some opportunists and corrupted individuals and advocates for exclusion, division and sectarianism are intending to form during the current period, pointing out that it would be at the expense of the homeland and citizens and will turn the next parliament into a circuit of conflict between president Sisi's supporters and opponents without any consideration of Egypt's interests and future.

El-Sadat argues that creating alliances to be the political back of Sisi on the ground, before even knowing his policies or directions, is not wise. These alliances are being created simply due to the claim that because the new Constitution has reallocated a significant part of the president's power to the Parliament, and therefore the President will not be able to issue a decision without parliamentary support, which will lead to the creation of other entities to block Sisi's decisions. After two revolutions, it is not valid for Egypt to have parliamentary blocs to help the president pass the legislation and decisions as Mubarak's NDP used to do without taking into account the real interests of the country.

El-Sadat issued a stern warning of building such alliances, stressing that there are battles currently going on for the division of power, positions and political gains, along with issuing amnesty for Mubarak and the main corners of his regime and involving them in the political life, as the goal of everyone is to fight the Muslim Brotherhood and fanatic Islamists. Unless we give proper attention to these alliances, we will go back to state of mating between money, power, religion and politics as we were.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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