El-Sadat is Against Turning the Federation of NGOs Into a Political Platform after its Head Joining Amr Moussa's Coalition

Anwar El-Sadat,"a board member of the Federation of NGOs " declared his strong condemnation for the Federation's chairman, Dr. / Talaat Abdel-kawi, call for a political gathering at the federation office attended by dr. / Amr Moussa, former head of the 50 committee,party leaders and members of the 50 Committee, to announce the formation of a new civil association to defend the constitution and ensure compliance with its provisions and convert them into legislation through the House of Representatives.

El-Sadat said that the meeting was not for the purpose of establishing this association, but also discussed the formation of a coalition of political parties and civil entities and public figures to run for the coming parliamentary elections with plans to include other civil entities that accept the statement of the coalition and its goals, in accordance with efforts to work on amending the parliamentary elections law which was rejected by several political parties. Such political affairs should not be discussed at the federation's office as the associations' law clearlystates.

El-Sadat held the head of the federation of NGOs responsible for such violation. "The federation shouldn't get involved in politics for the sole reason of its head intention to run for parliamentary elections under Moussa's coalition".

Mostafa Jebreel 
Media coordinator


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