El Sadat: Sisi's Intention to Introduce Legislation is a Clear Violation of Constitution , it's the role upcoming parliament

Anwar El Sadat "Chairman of the Reform and Development Party" asserted that presidential candidate Abdel Fattah El-Sisi referred to in an interview with "Al-nahar, Dream and Al-hayat" channels ,that he will not wait till the coming parliament is elected and will work from his first day in office on introducing legislations that facilitates the re-division of Egypt's provinces, is unconstitutional and exceeds his given constitutional powers as a president even if it was justified as being Egypt's best interest because we want to establish a modern state and lay the ground for constitutional rules in separated and balanced authorities.

Sadat pointed out that he doesn't believe that the remaining months till Egyptians elect a new Parliament will holdup pursuing Sisi program, and that rushing into issuing laws and legislations that the parliament should introduce will not help us establish the state of law and will not give hope of laying the foundations for a state of elected institutions.

Sadat clarified that giving the justification of being under exceptional circumstances should not be accepted because everyone can use such claims to serve his own interests under the pretext of exceptional circumstance.


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