The Reform and Development Party Welcomes the European Union Monitoring of the Presidential Elections

The Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar El-Sadat, welcomed the signing of the Supreme Committee for Presidential Elections to a memorandum of understanding with the European Union to follow the presidential election, stressing that Egypt needs an international follow up for the next presidential election as it will give it international acceptance and legitimacy, which will confirm to the world that we are beginning to take a first step on the ladder of democracy.

El Sadat confirmed that international election observation is a necessity and we have nothing to hide, and the international observation of the elections, which includes viewing and monitoring, would lead to strengthening the monitoring role for the Egyptian civil society, and that the refusal does not conform with the political rights law, which stipulates that it is within the competence of the Supreme Committee for Elections to specify the governing rules for the participation of civil society and the international federations in all stages of the electoral follow-up.

El Sadat pointed out that that the majority of countries in the world consider international monitoring a recognized method in all elections, including Arab states that are less in regional and political weight than Egypt, and that the use of international observers in the elections or referenda does not mean replacing local ones, but it is a supplement for internal supervisory work. He added that it is the approach followed by most countries of the world, and there is no harm in that, but it is a step that will make the whole world see the transparency and integrity of the roadmap merits.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media Coordinator 


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