El-Sadat Demands the Presentation of the 2014 - 2015 Budget at an Expanded Parties Meeting

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of Reform and Development Party, called on the President and the government to present the state budget for the year 2014 - 2015 to the parties, particularly their economic and financial committees, through an expanded meeting to be called for in order to hear the views and suggestions of all parties in this regard.

El-Sadat stressed that the state budget has not been discussed for 3 years, and due to the absence of a parliament, there has to be other alternatives through which the budget would be presented and put forth to public opinion with the goal of the principle of transparency, especially in the light of a new constitution that includes items that oblige the budget to allocate specific percentages of overall income for some service sectors and that is what we should insure. We also know ways to reduce the budget deficit, and deal with resources such as grants and aid, and how to use and employ them.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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