Highlights of the Week

A Salute to Women

* El Sadat conveys best regards and due respect for women on the occasion of the International Women's Day and as Mother's Day is approaching.

* Unfortunately, throughout the history, there was a kind of historical injustice against women. It is most likely due to the fact that many did not realize the value and the real essence of women.

* The "Reform and Development Party" proposes that the parliamentary electoral party lists shall be interchangeably between men and women. In addition, the candidates for the individual seats are to be divided between a man and a woman, which means a good participation rate for women in the legislation, to allow women to play their role in the revival and development of the community.

El-Sadat Wonders: Is the Outcome of the Presidential Election Decided in Favor of a Particular Candidate Before it Starts?

* The question comes as it has been clear upon issuing the Presidential Elections Law, and due to the controversy over immunizing the decisions of the High Elections Commission. Some anticipated that the law provisions will make it challenging for many candidates to run for presidency which will push them out of the race.

* This makes everyone wonder if the law and the candidacy criteria are tailored to fit one specific candidate or to force some potential competitors out of the race.

The Arab Foreign Ministers Meets after the Ambassadors' Withdrawal from Qatar

* The Arab Foreign Ministers meets, in the 141 session at the headquarters of the Arab League, which is the first meeting after the decision of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain to withdraw their ambassadors from Qatar, and the declaration of Cairo that its ambassador at Doha will not return back, as well as the Declaration of the kingdom on Friday; Inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group and the demand to activate the Counter-Terrorism Arab Agreement of 1998.

* El Sadat proposes a number of issues to be addressed in details before the preparations for the upcoming Arab summit in Kuwait on this March 25th and 26th, and mainly what are related to the developments on the Palestinian situation and the Syrian crisis.

El-Sadat Demands the Dissolution of the National Council for Human Rights

* The severe arguments among its members, makes us do not assure the integrity, professionalism and independence of the board assigned to monitor and protect the human rights situation in Egypt.

* The issuance of the statement of the International Council for Human Rights that is consequent to the United Nations, which included a wide condemnation for Egypt.

* As Schools and Universities Are Resumed, A Solution for Universities' Crisis Is Needed

"Giving the Head of the University the right to dismiss the students causing rioting and destruction after conducting the necessary investigations" is a good step in the way of maintaining security and stability in the universities.

Sadat still emphasis that the unfair dismissal of the students from the students hostels, as well as the university professors and investigating some of them must be in accordance with the law and fair standards, and are to be processed so as not to increase the state of tension, and in order not to create from some of them time bombs, get out of the campus and threaten the security and stability of the Egyptian street.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media Coordinator


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