El-Sadat Comments on Fact-Finding Committee Report on the Dispersal of "Rabaa" and "Al-Nahda" Sit-ins

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Former President of the Human Rights Committee of the People's Assembly, confirmed that the Fact-Finding Committee Report on the dispersal of "Rabaa" and "Al-Nahda" Sit-inswas highly balanced, where it condemned both the Police and the protestors for their respective offenses. Nevertheless, given the number of casualties and wounded cited in the Report, there are presumably some violations that were not mentioned, even if only a few.

El-Sadat highlighted the necessity of documenting this Report, due to the importance of the information presented, especially with regard to the number of casualties. He noted that the most important part of the Report are the recommendations to start an independent judicial investigation of the sit-in dispersal, the subsequent events in the provinces, compensating the families of the victims from all parties, petitioning the government to take the necessary measures to prevent further violence, training the Police in methods of dispersing gatherings and riots, and activating the International Convention Against Torture.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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