Anwar El-Sadat: The Crisis of Universities Necessitates the Youth of the National Council of Human Rights to Act

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of Reform and Development Party, condemned the failure of the young members of the National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) to have a role in the current crisis taking place in Egyptian universities after the escalation of violence and disruption of the educational process which all university students suffer.

 He stressed that the youth in the NCHR did not have any role so far about what is happening in universities despite the fact that this is the core of their work.

 He added that they even have a great chance considering the age factor which makes them the closest to interact with the university youth, understand their demands, and listen to proposed ideas, visions and solutions that can be considered instead of their limited role of interviewing ministers and officials repeating what older members do.

 He explained that young NCHR members must participate in solving the crisis of universities by entering into a direct dialogue with students and their unions, or discussing student regulations, or conducting hearing sessions, or using other methods as they have members and supporters of the youth movements within universities, but unfortunately, they had no role so far other than opting for inaction. 

 Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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