Anwar El-Sadat Calls on the National Council for Women and Women's Associations to Present a Candidate for Presidency

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, called on the National Council for Women and women's associations to present a candidate to run for presidency for the first time as a historical initiative. He added that even if the chance of success is limited but it will be the beginning of a successful future and a breaking for many people's barrier of not accepting the idea as a whole.

He stressed that this will give others the motive for the same step, regardless of their calculations and estimations, and that this is currently required to enrich the political climate for later, and in order for women to take a chance and be prepared to deal with national issues besides family issues. He believes that women will also find supporting men helping them prove their worth and achieve an excellent example that will make many people believe in women, their ideas, and their capabilities

El-Sadat said that now we want to open the door and make the nomination of women for the highest post of the state, presidency, a natural and not a surprising matter, adding that the revolutionary climate currently fits to do this step even if the battle results are almost inevitable now, however, putting forward the idea, accepting it, and dealing with it now is the most important matter as it also paves the way for great successes in the elections of Parliament and local assemblies.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media Coordinator



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