Anwar El-Sadat Asks Mehleb to Urgently Consider the International Arbitration Cases Filed Against Egypt before Judgment

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat the "Chairman of the Reform and Development Party" asked "Prime Minister" Ibrahim Mehleb to call the Ministers of Justice and investment, and to consult them quickly with respect to the arbitration cases, filed abroad against some Egyptian Governmental Bodies. These cases claim to claim high financial compensation for breaching and terminating precedent contracts and agreements. All of which are pending before the Oxede Arbitration Center subsequent to the World Bank in Washington.

El-Sadat clarified that one of the State Litigation Authority's responsibilities is to play its role in defending Egypt's rights, with the help of some International Bar Offices. Accordingly, these cases must be urgently considered, so as not to be surprised by seizure of assets and funds of the Egyptian government abroad, from our embassies, planes and others. Taking into consideration that the final judgments in such cases shall be final, where Egypt's reputation shall be at stack in front of the world, and the hope of all the Egyptians regarding development and investment will be dispersed. Note that the number of such cases so far is more than 30.

Mostafa Jibreel

Media Coordinator


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