Reform and Development Party Proclaims Solving the Doctors and Pharmacists' Crisis to Ease on Poor Patients

Anwar El-Sadat, "Chairman of the Reform and Development Party" asked Judge Adly Mansour, "President of the Republic," to entrust representatives of the Ministry of Health to conduct an urgent meeting with representatives of doctors and pharmacists who are to strike by today February 26th to discuss how to get out of this crisis which will poor patients, who have no fault and no place to treat except the governmental hospitals, will pay for it.

El-Sadat denoted the need to reconsider the law regulating the medical profession affairs, pointing out that the share of health in the state budget before the adoption of Constitution 2014 was no more than 1%, although the internationally agreed upon rate must not be less than 15%, which should be applied. Nevertheless, now, there is no supervising parliament, primarily the budget was not discussed or monitored since 3 years ago.

El-Sadat clarified that everyone "doctors, pharmacists, nursing, staff and patients" is suffering from the deterioration of the health sector and system in Egypt, those have rights and demands that must be considered and addressed, but the poor should not alone pay for this deterioration, and for reforming the conditions and circumstances for doctors and pharmacists. If the doctors and pharmacists' strike is not misdemeanor according to the Egyptian law, there is another law from heaven, and the doctors' swear that is applied since 1643, where doctors swear in its first provisions to treat the patients in all cases and whatever were the circumstances and stresses on doctors.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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