El-Sadat: The International Community Investigates the Human Rights Situation in Egypt

In the next few days, the Egyptian government will submit the Universal Periodical Review on the occasion of the recent session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva. This report will be examined by all those concerned with human rights around the world, and shall issue recommendations to be considered in an assessment of the state of human rights in Egypt.

However, it is important to note that the Egyptian government, in the era of former president Hosni Mubarak, committed to around 140 legislative and procedural amendments to improve the human rights situation in Egypt in many fields, namely regarding torture, illegal detention, women's rights, press freedom and the NGO law. Unfortunately, the current human rights situation in Egypt has benefitted little from these commitments due to the political and institutional instability of the past few years. Specifically, the absence of legislative institutions and the frequent dissolution and reconstitution of the government has led to the deterioration of the situation and an increase in the frequency of violations.

We hope that the situation improves gradually, and progress is made toward implementing the benefits of the road map towards democracy and building the legislative and elected institutions. This will lead in turn to creating the climate in which we can achieve further legislative and procedural reforms that address the status of human rights in Egypt. In this climate, Egypt will be able to fulfill its commitments and international obligations and build a new reality in which every citizen enjoys his freedom, dignity, and humanity.

Former Chairman of the Human Rights Committee in the Egyptian Parliament

Anwar El-Sadat 


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