Anwar El-Sadat to the President: "We must form a new neutral government to run the coming elections transparently & independently"

In the light of recent intentions of ministerial amendments, Mr. Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, President of Reform & Development Party, directs a request to Counselor Adli Mansour, the president of Arab Republic of Egypt, to form an integrated ministerial formation that ensures the neutrality and the independence of the government to run and supervise the coming presidential and parliamentary elections. This new formation would ensure trustworthiness abroad and most importantly, in Egypt, on managing the components of the road map in a transparent, neutral and integrated manner

without suspicions for any tendencies or courtesies.

El-Sadat supported his point by adding that the current government of El Beblawi, which includes ministers from only two parties, might make people call in to question the neutrality and the results of the coming elections.

It is not possible to have a fair and transparent transitional government running elections when a member of the government will be a candidate, and particularly when members of this government have clearly announced their support to him. To ensure a sustainable transition, it is imperative that the process is inclusive and fair.

Sadat called for an urgent societal dialogue about the guarantees for the integrity of the coming elections, so as to promote the participation of all political parties, civil society and the revolutionary activists in drawing effective steps that would guarantee achieving and applying the concepts and objectives of 25th of January and 30th of June revolutions.


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