Anwar El Sadat alerting: It is Necessary to Quickly Handle the Universities' Crisis

At the time that Mr. Anwar El Sadat, "Chairman of the Reform and Development Party" cited the recently amendments of the Universities Act, giving the Head of the University the right to dismiss the students causing rioting and destruction after conducting the necessary investigations.

El Sadat confirmed that the Minister of Higher Education has not taken any decision so far, on what is happening whether in terms of the judicial execution or the return of the university guards, and the powers of the universities' heads, or even engaged in a dialogue with the students and their representatives in the light of the increasing crisis within the universities day after day, pointing out that the continuation of this inaction is abusive for the state and the postponement of the study will not help without controls.

El Sadat clarified that issues like the unfair dismissal of students from the students hostel, as well as the university professors and investigating some of them must be in accordance with the law and fair standards, and are processed so as not to increase the state of tension, and in order not to create from some of them time bombs, get out of the campus and threaten the security and stability of the Egyptian street.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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