Vision 2014

2014 represents a distinct year not only in Egypt's future but also in the entire region's future where the transition phase is taking important steps towards building the new Egyptian state; accordingly we must keep in mind several important matters:

First, the economic challenge to reach the social justice and the decent life for the citizens:

This challenge faces all the institutions in the government and the civil society, and to overcome this, it requires reconsidering Egypt's possibilities and wealth, importantly the youth, accordingly the nation partners' efforts must unite in an integrated program to create sustainable employment opportunities for all segments of the society, especially women and youth.

Second, integrity of the electoral process:

2014 witness a referendum on the constitution, a presidential elections and parliamentary elections, and probably the local elections, all these electoral processes must be characterized by transparency, integrity and the candidates and voters must participate in its management and monitoring, where everyone's efforts must unite to get out an electoral process that reflects the will of the People so that the People and the world shall respect the results, and no one questions its credibility, especially that the candidacy for presidency of the Lieutenant General Al-Sisi was confirmed. Is by his candidacy, the problems and sufferings of the Egyptians will end and the security and stability will return or things will get worse and more complex?

Third, the one vision media, the moderate central Azhar and the independent judiciary:

We must strengthen Al-Azhar institution and maintain its independency to undertake the Islamic Da'wah affairs with its centrality and modesty, and to move to the outside world through religions dialogue, cultures and civilizations to promote the acceptance of the other, in addition to emphasize the independence of the judges in their judgments without submission to popular or political pressures, to say their sentences in accordance with the evidences and their consciences, and the media should help to create a calm climate with a portion of the culture of tolerance and community peace rather than popular anger and hate and revenge messages.

Fourth, responsibility of the political parties, the civil society organizations and the people of art, culture and the intelligentsia

It's time for establishing the political parties and the civil society organizations with their national responsibility, along with the rest of the state authorities, not alone, but the art, the culture people and the intelligentsia should intensify their efforts through their creativity and their artistic celebrations in focusing on the minds' feeding, building the Egyptian man and giving him the hope and restore him happiness and joy.

Fifth, integration of all categories in the political process:

The participation base should be broaden, and should work with the ongoing dialogue principle between the community categories and its political powers to reach political decisions that reflect all the categories, so as to verify the stability and the democratic process yields. We stress on the seriousness of excluding sectors from the community, a fact that will generate more violence and instability even if the roadmap was succeeded and all its steps were implemented.

Sixth, protection of human rights:

In the midst of the growing incidents that always put human rights at stake, the Egyptian administration should consider the protection of rights and freedoms as an inalienable main principle.

Finally, the strategic vision for foreign relations:

The Egyptian Administration should be characterized by the strategic thinking in the foreign relations, it should not take extreme attitude from the international partners, just because of mere statements of its leaders or its ideology orientations. The Egyptian diplomacy should be characterized as it was all the time rational, prudent, and foresighted, and should avoid creating conflicts or converting some friends to enemies, and the national security issues must be graded on top of the Egyptian foreign relations interests such as the Nile water issue, where Egypt's position worsens day after day. The region also must be evacuated from all weapons of mass destruction.

Finally, and most importantly, violence creates violence and the Egyptian state should be aware of its members' variation and should seek to adjoin them all in one country.

Anwar El-Sadat 
Chairman of Reform and
 Development Party


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