Sadat to Transitional President: My Apologies for Not Attending the Constitutional Ceremony, I will Vote "Yes" on the Constitution

Reform and Development Party President Anwar El Sadat sends his apologies to Transitional President Adly Mansour for not being able to attend the special ceremony to be hosted this Saturday in the Presidential Palace. The ceremony will mark the conclusion of the constitutional draft by the Committee of 50 and the Committee of 10. President Mansour will announce at the ceremony the date of the referendum on the new constitution.

Sadat highlighted that his party will vote in favor of the constitution, seeking more stability for the country. He added that this constitution is far better than the MB constitution of the previous year and that the next parliament can amend any unsatisfactory articles. Sadat asserted that endorsing this new constitution will prove to the entire world that Egyptians revolted against a regime which used a political monopoly to force through a non-inclusive constitution, ignoring the aspirations and self-determination of the people.

Mostafa Gebreil
Media Coordinator 


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