New Year Hopes

As the year comes to an end, hopes remain on personal and national levels, in light of difficult circumstances Egypt encounters, to which mere hopes are not the only requirement. Work and effort on both societal and governmental levels is what it takes. For wishful thinking achieves no quests; life is but grabbed by the power of will.

As 2013 ends, and with the departure of the great Nelson Mandela; hopes are renewed that we uphold the torch of tolerance and transitional justice to gather the nation and to help its growth after setbacks. For that, I see a need to announce the outcome of independent judicial committees' investigations of different events and incidents throughout the year. Event's where lives were lost; Egyptian innocent matyers. The need of quick and just litigation, in light of clear and specific accusations to those who violated law, as for others they have a right to live in peace and stability within their country and enjoy such rights. Pursuits and arrests need to come to an end, once and for all, intimacy and love amongst Muslims and between them and Copts need to be found.

With the constitutional referendum steps ahead, and calls to vote, I prefer leaving it to the will of the people and to focus campaigns on advantages of the Constitution. Explain its provisions to insure citizens' understand what they're voting on. Within such context, I would never disagree with international observation missions, rather I see it useful. For that would prove to the World that we are walking the talk towards democracy, I further see it shutting the door in front of MBs who would claim that there has been fraud. I deem it rightful to receive observers from institutions and CSOs to observe and follow-up as long as their operations are within the legal framework and free of irregularities.

Proper use and disbursement of grants and aid from Gulf states to serve in developmental projects and social justice as the only route. Moreover we should quickly benefit from delayed WB loans and resume talks with the IMF. We must proceed with implementing the nuclear power project as it is essential to provide for the future development of Egypt, and within the same context, I hope to follow-up on the water file; the Renaissance Dam. Resuming talks and meetings; provided it is done through experts and specialists as risk, at any percentage, is not an option.

Presidential elections first or that of parliamentary, such issue must be resolved to ensure the Road Map's implementation, as confusion creation is not an option. Whichever comes first; will provide the same end result. My conviction is that developing Egypt requires opening up to the world and correcting the international relations course even with Iran, Quatar and Turkey. This is coupled with my full understanding of current sensitivities, given their positions on the great June Revolution, after all politics is a game of interests that forces us to cooperate even with enemies.

Worried not are we about Egypt nor its future, heavenly revelations have mentioned Egypt as a preserved country by virtue of an order from the Lord. Egyptian soldiers are the best on earth, however such should not be a reason for complacency and laziness, but to realize the seriousness of such stage and proceed with construction of the nation as we want it to be.

Mohamed Anwar El Sadat


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