El-Sadat Calls for an Emergency Meeting to Discuss the Decision Issued Against 1055 NGO of Freezing their Assets

Anwar El-Sadat a board member of the General Federation of NGOs calls the Chairman and the members of the federation for an urgent meeting to discuss the implications of the Government's decision of commissioning the Central Bank to freeze 1055 NGO assets, also the condition of some organizations that might be withheld from monitoring the poll. He also raised a major concern that these decisions could harm a large sector of the beneficiaries from poor especially at the recent tough economical situation. 

El-Sadat condemned implementing such procedures without resorting to the general federation and acknowledging it with the full details of this issue, stressing on the importance of respecting courts rules and assuring the importance of putting into question any NGO found to be supporting Muslim Brotherhood, violence acts or chaos. 

El-Sadat clarified that freezing assets doesn't mean the cancelation or dissolving such NGOs, asking the government to continue following the financial inspection and the administrative observing then make a careful decisions, so that not to allow fighting terrorism issue to drive us taking quick decisions that includes the lives of many societal categories. 

Moustafa Gebrial 
Media coordinator


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