A Reading for 2014

Happy New Year and merry Christmas, in the light of the events that takes place in Egypt, followed by many questioning, I would like from a personal perspective to clarify that.

I support the parliamentary elections first in which all political movements and parties will participate without eliminating any one, thus the representatives of the people will be able to handle the demands and the problems through monitoring the governmental performance and the quality of the services they provide. Also to allow the parliament to issue new laws compatible with the constitution and the amendment of other important laws like demonstration law also to revise and authenticate on the state general budget which hasn't been revised for three years since the beginning of the Arab offspring.

Although General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi to whom I hold a deep respect, enjoys a great popularity, I don't recommend that he should run presidency, for many reasons related to the county's security and for his own interest as well. Egypt needs elected, independent and strong institutions which is more important than having a strong charismatic president. This era has gone; now is the time to build institutions that can rejuvenate this country.

I don't agree with excluding any of the NGOs or civil society organizations "wither it is related to civil movement or religious one" from following and monitoring the constitution referendum as long there is transparency, we also hope to have a transparent, neutral and independent results.

I warned and I am still warning security agencies and the government about their continues chasseing of activists and civil society organizations using violence and detention under the justification of "stability and security". I consider such actions will increase the pent up anger and create counter violent.

The Egyptian president Adly Mansour did good when he formed an independent judicial committee to investigate all the events, overstepping and practices that led to killing and injuring since ousting the former president Morsi. Truth must be shown and bring to trial anyone involved in acts of violence or killing whatever his rank or position, this in response to the international cases raised abroad.

It is not acceptable naming opposition parties as "terrorists" any detained person should be immediately released as long as there is no clear and specific accusation. A serious dialogue should be held between the government and the university professors and students to stabilize the educational process inside the Egyptian universities.

Sectarian violence still dominating Egyptian villages, a radical treatment is needed for such a problem by implementing law, not to discriminate and assuring equality.

As for NGOs law I see that the proposed bill is balanced and goes according to the international criteria but mostly it won't be issued until the parliamentary elections are held.

Anwar E El Sadat


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