El-Sadat in a Weekly Meeting with Youth Leaderships and Women Representatives in Monofeya

In his weekly meeting with youth leaderships, women representatives and people of Monofeya governorate, Mr. Anwar Al-Sadat - President of Reform and Development Party - discussed the most timely issues, burdens of the Egyptian people, the ongoing developments of the Egyptian political scene and the future of Egypt's foreign relations after the people made two revolutions in quest for freedom, social justice and democracy.

Al-Sadat started by highlighting the performance of the constitutional assembly and that it was not outstanding but satisfactory. He asserted that the church should have its full rights as well as women who should be fairly represented in all aspects. He also asserted the committee's commitment to finish the constitution and call for referendum according to the dates mentioned in the constitutional declaration.

He then discussed the future of Egypt's international relations, especially after John Kerry's - US Secretary of State - recent visit. Al-Sadat and the attendees agreed that it's a sign of improvement in the US-Egyptian relations and an understanding to post june 30 Egypt. The discussion tackled the trial of the ousted president Mohamed Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaderships, where everybody agreed that the final say is for the judiciary to decide who's guilty and who's innocent and that people should be more concerned about other priorities. As for the laws of Protest, NGOs and Terrorism, there was an agreement that voting on them should be postponed till a new parliament in elected to avoid conflicts. 

The discussion also tackled the Egyptian-Russian relations, where there was an agreement that there should be balance between the east and the west despite all what Russia can provide Egypt with. The discussion moved to the role of political parties and readiness to parliamentary and presidential elections. There was an agreement on the necessity of listening to and being part of the masses and the need for a transparent and objective flow of the electoral process. Everybody agreed that national and international NGOs are welcomed to observe the elections as long as we have nothing to hide. 

Everybody also agreed that the current government should work on improving the livelihood of the people and take their issues more seriously. It should also realize that the Gulf financial support is temporary and that we shouldn't rely on it for long. Also media has an important role in creating a peaceful atmosphere between Islamists and other factions of the society.

At the end, Al-Sadat and the attendees agreed that the values of work and production should be emphasized and asserted importance of preserving the state's power. They also asserted the importance of building powerful institutions that guarantee dignified life and laws to suit the sacrifices and revolutions of the Egyptian people and guarantees fine international relations.
Mostafa Gebreil
Media Coordinator


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