Sadat: With Less Than One Month to Finalize the Constitution, the Committee of 50 Has Yet to Deliver a Public Draft

Sadat Warns the Committee of 50 to Avoid Following the Same Nontransparent Pattern of the Brotherhood's Constitutional Committee

20 October 20, 2013 - President of Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El Sadat expressed his concern over the critical process of the constitutional drafting. Sadat is alarmed that the constitution can be drafted in the same nontransparent, shallow way that the Brotherhood's previous constitutional committee had pursued. These worries are due to the extreme secrecy and the lack of openness over the inside talks and deliberations within the Committee of 50.

It is inappropriate and alarming that the committee has not released one draft yet to be discussed in the society, while it has less than one month to finalize its mandate. Many of the committee members are not aware of the final provisions as put by the drafting sub-committee. A draft must be produced for the public in a timely matter, to be considered carefully and with enough time to prove validity of the process and final product.

Sadat cannot see any transparency or openness in the drafting process so far. There have been talks and rumors about what is happening behind the scenes in the committee. Due to these factors, mobilization against the constitution has already started. No one knows the latest provisions in regard to the identity definition, armed forces status, elections and other issues. It is not acceptable that only one group dominates the process of putting up the new constitution of Egypt. The process must be collaborative, transparent, and the committee must be held accountable to the public. Sadat's concerns stem from his shared belief that all Egyptians look forward to abiding by the roadmap in a transparent environment. 

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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