Sadat Urges Mansour Not to Endorse The Protest Law Before a New Parliament is Elected

President of Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat urges Transitional President Counselor Adly Mansour not to approve the proposed protest law until it is passed out for community discussions and an elected parliament is in place.

Sadat is aware of the public pressure calling for better organizing protests and demonstrations due to the chaotic situation spread all over the country. There is an urgent need to facilitate the work of security personnel to restore security, order and rule of law on the street. However, Sadat recommends postponing the issuing of any laws including anti-terrorism, NGOs and protest laws until they are thoroughly discussed within the society.

The presence of an elected parliament to issue these laws will avoid creating more divergence and cleavages. Meanwhile, Egypt has ample legislation that can help us pass the ongoing transitional period with no need to create more controversial laws.

Regardless of his reservations on the protest law, Sadat advocates for holding on any proposed laws. At the end of the day, the legitimacy of the current president and the government is based on massive grass roots protests opposing the Muslim Brotherhood rule.


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