Sadat Praises Transitional President for Successfully Solving the Crisis of Judicial Bodies

President of Reform and Development Party Mohamed Anwar El Sadat considered President Mansour meeting with representatives of juridical bodies in the presidential palace yesterday a remarkable success. The president managed to resolve their disputes regarding the interloping mandates of the different judicial bodies in the constitution. Sadat added that Mansour showed a clear example and An honorable role model for the next Egyptian president to follow.

Since President Mansour is a judge in the first place, he is savvy of the crisis and hence he succeeded to solve the problem and appease all parties without interference in the work of the Constitutional Committee. Mansour exemplified how a national president who works for the interest of all Egyptians and not only for a particular group, party or ideology should be. His decisions are neutral and independent which gives him credibility that his opinions are motivated by the public interest. Therefore his opinions are unanimously accepted. 

Meanwhile, the National Salvation Front parties together with other revolutionary forces met to agree on a single presidential candidate. This comes within their misleading campaign to push for conducting the presidential elections early before the parliamentary elections. The NSF has started to divide the pie from now so that they assign positions and roles once their candidate wins. In addition, the NSF advocates for a parliamentary electoral system that guarantees them a fake majority without considering the people's will or choices.
Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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