Sadat Demands the Investigating Authorities to Explain the Reasons for the Arrest Of the Chairman Of the General Federation Of NGOs /Foundations

Mr. Anwar El-Sadat, Member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of NGOs/Foundations, says he is surprised and disturbed by the decision of the Supreme State Security Prosecution to arrest Dr. Hatem Khater, the Chairman of the General Federation of NGOs /Foundations, and be held in custody for 15 days pending investigations on charges of joining a banned group and incitement to violence.

Sadat demanded the investigating authorities to explain the reasons for the arrest of a man who is known for his neutrality and efforts to develop and support civil society in Egypt.

According to Sadat, Khater was one of those who effectively contributed to the federation of NGOs' approval to disband the Association of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sadat called the federation of NGOs to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the implications of this arrest.


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