Sadat: Al Warraq Church Incident is the Price Copts Pay For Participating in June 30 Revolution

I demand that Police consolidate Security around Churches and equip them with Cameras and Modern Filming Devices

Reform and Development Party and Headed by Mr. Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat, has condemned the terrorist attack on Al Warraq church. He demanded the immediate detention of the assailants and putting them to trial. He also asked Al Beblawi's government to step up to its role in providing security and stability or else resign for the good of the Egyptians.

El Sadat asserted that Copts pay for their participation in June 30, but this shall never make them hesitant to sacrifice this cost for Egypt as they have always been. However, the government should take all required measures to protect Copts and secure churches by providing more forces, cameras and modern filming devices. Also, a new legislation is required to support the values of citizenship, equality and non-discrimination.

Reform and Development Party has mourned the victims of Al Warraq church and wishes the injured speedy recovery. The party counts on the Copts' patriotism and that it would ignite the Egyptian people's struggle against terrorism.

Mostafa Gebreil
Media Coordinator


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