El-Sadat Heads to Brussels for Public Diplomacy Meetings

Upon an invitation from the European Parliament and the EU Commission, Mohamed Anwar Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP,) leaves Cairo on Sunday for Brussels with a delegation of party leaders and parliamentarians. The visit comes under the framework of public diplomacy meetings to illustrate the current political scene and the future map of Egypt.

Sadat is scheduled to meet senior officials in the EU Commission and attend a hearing at the European Parliament with several European committees, most importantly being the Foreign Relations Committee. El Sadat is also scheduled to hold a number of meetings with think tanks and the media to clarify the latest developments in Egypt. Also to be discussed are the Egyptian aspirations for a better future on the basis of a democratic and constitutional structure. This structure includes all Egyptians who support the road map and the timetable set for a referendum on a new constitution and the holding of presidential and parliamentary elections in the coming months. Also on the table of discussion, will be the future of Egypt's international relations, which should be based on maintaining the sovereignty and prestige of the Egyptian state .


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