El-Sadat: Formation of the 50-Member Committee is Worthy of Honor and the Current Circumstances Enlist us to Overlook any Negatives

Anwar El-Sadat, President of the Reform and Development Party, praised the formation of the 50-member committee which will place the Constitution of Egypt 2013, as announced by Chancellor Adly Mansour, Interim President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, placing a lot of hopes on this committee which includes presentable Egyptian symbols representing both currents; Muslims and Christians.

El-Sadat added that the 50-member committee is good and balanced, albeit being dominated by the parties of the Salvation Front represented by the Prime Minister and some advisers around him. There are a few observations regarding lack of enough women representation, in addition to the lack of representation for the independent trade unions and the Egyptians abroad. However, the current critical juncture through which the nation is passing enlists us to look at the pros and to somehow overlook the negatives so the ship would stay floating. As long as we have the same end in mind, which is to have a Constitution accepted by the majority and expressing everyone to ensure a democratic state that can achieve justice and equality.

El-Sadat called upon the committee not to repeat the mistakes of the Muslim Brotherhood and to listen seriously to all the spectra of the Egyptian society making sure that the road map stays on the right track, so the Egyptians can establish their modern and civil democratic state.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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