Anwar El-Sadat Calls the NGO's Federation for an Urgent Meeting to Discuss Detecting and Punishing the Associations that Fund the Rabaa-Adaweya Sit-in

Anwar El-Sadat, board member of the General Federation of NGOs, called the Chairman and members of the Federation for an urgent meeting to discuss detecting and punishing the associations which fund the Rabaa-Adaweya sit-in and take care of the expenses of the protestors at a time when the efforts of the country unite to resolve this sit-in which exceeded all forms of peacefulness and damaged the image of Egypt and the Egyptians.

El-Sadat confirmed that in this way these associations contribute to the continuation of the sit-in for longer periods turning the place into a haven for beggars and street children who find food and money so easily there. At the same time everyone from inside and outside resents the sit-in which has become associated with weapons, cut roads and the use of women and children as human shields.

El-Sadat pointed out that these associations have to be exposed to the public opinion and appropriate legal action must be taken against them since they contribute to supporting violence, sabotage and disabling the activities of the citizens contrary to the principles and general rules of civil and developmental work.


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