El-Sadat calls for national alignment behind the roadmap and dismissing all the differences

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, called all the Egyptian parties and political powers, including the Freedom and Justice Party, to line up behind what is agreed upon on the roadmap set by the Armed Forces to manage the transitional phase so that we can start building our country and overcoming the real problems and crises that are ahead of us.

El-Sadat pointed that we all need to look beyond our orientations and commit ourselves to what will be agreed upon whether El-Baradei will be the leader of the stage or any other person since all the candidates for prime minister are highly competent national figures. More importantly, we must end the conflicts and differences and begin to work and build on the successes we have achieved, bearing in mind that we should stop the violence and rioting to be able to punish all those who have blood on their hands, whether perpetrators or instigators. Everyone must understand the truth of the matter and accept the reality and merge together for making a better future for this country.

El-Sadat confirmed his hope that today's rally, which will be held for supporting the popular legitimacy, would be the last of the rallies so we could all dedicate our full energies to contribute for building our homeland and giving an honorable picture to the world as a whole. But we must not forget the necessity of imposing whatever this stage requires of exceptional and temporary proceedings, whether emergency or martial laws, to control the status quo without any further chaos or bloodshed.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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