El-Sadat accepted the presidency's invitation to develop the standards for the transitional justice and punishing the vandals

The Reform and Development Party, headed by Anwar El-Sadat, accepted the invitation of the President and the government to meet and discuss how to get out of the current crisis, and how to achieve the transitional justice to the liking of the revolutionary forces and parties without excluding or barring any faction.

El-Sadat stressed that the transitional justice is closely linked to ceasing violence, and punishing all those who got involved in acts of violence and terrorism, besides respecting the political and civil rights of all the politicians and activists.

He also added that the issue of transitional justice, although it will take some time, but there has to be some political and popular will to achieve it. Even if the Muslim Brotherhood are not present in these discussions there are other Muslim streams headed by Al-Azhar and the church who will play an effective role in the convergence of views.


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