Anwar El-Sadat to the government: I cannot not see any mechanisms for monitoring your performance or assurances for the integrity of the upcoming elections!

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, directed several questions to the Government of Dr. Hazem Beblawy about some very critical points that need to be clarified and answered adequately so the government would gain the support and cooperation of the people and the political forces to be able to achieve their tasks and transit with Egypt from this current crisis.
El-Sadat wondered about the following:
1  -The mechanisms for monitoring the government in the absence of an elected parliament that can accomplish this task beside the fact that the constitution that provides for the government's commitment to apply the general policy of the state is suspended by force of the roadmap set by the interim president and the armed forces.

2- Under the transitional agenda drawn by the constitutional declaration issued by the president of the republic, the government will be monitoring all the details of the transitional phase and will supervise all the electoral processes planned to take place like the referendum on the constitution, and the parliamentary and presidential elections. What are the guarantees of transparency and fairness to these stages in view of the presence of partisan ministers?
3   -What is the future of the compromises and reconciliations that took place with some of the businessmen of Mubarak's regime? How will it go with the accusation of the former President Morsi and some of his aides and group leaders of spying, escaping from the Wadi Al-Natrun prison, and the violence entices of the Freedom and Justice Party? Also, what about the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund after the financial support the Gulf States announced they submitted of Egypt?

El-Sadat demanded the Beblawy government, being an efficiency government, to prove to the Egyptians that there is a big difference between the rule of corruption as embodied by Mubarak and his regime, the rule of ignorance as embodied by Morsi and his group, and the rule of efficiency. Finally he wished Beblawy and his government success in achieving their national duties.
Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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