Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party for a New Four-Year Term

Former MP Anwar El-Sadat was elected for heading the Reform and Development Party for a new four-year term, and this decision came through the General Assembly which was held at the party's headquarters Friday evening, June 14th. During the same session they also elected Engineer Alaa Abdul Nabi for deputy head of the party (head of the electoral assembly) and Dr. Abdullah Helmy for deputy head of the party (head of the shadow government) and Dr. Mustafa Awad for secretary general of the party and both Ms. Manal Zazoua and Mr. Mohammed Fawzi for Vice Secretary General and Mr. Ahmed Metwally for presidency of the party's Council of Elders and Mr. Sami Abu Zaid as his deputy.

The elections took place in an atmosphere of transparency and integrity and the poll gave the final word for this honest competition among the members of the party who were all keen on being present and participating. This took place under the supervision of a neutral legal committee, where the party is now preparing to have a greater influence on the political life and the formation of real youth cadres that can contribute in developing and upholding this country will all their power, potential, loyalty and willingness to tee Egypt more forward.


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