After the Ruling of the Constitutional Court

El-Sadat to the Shura: Don't Lose your Face, Stop Legislation and Know that you are Under the Dome of an Invalid Parliament

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, considered the ruling of the constitutional court that the Shura Council elections law, the emergency law and the formation of the Constituent Assembly are unconstitutional comes to side with the Egyptian people, whose demands were not taken into account by the Shura Council. The ruling also confirms to everyone that the current constitution, which was put by the Constituent Assembly is full of defects with full respect to the final result of the referendum.

El-Sadat confirmed the need to stop the Shura Council immediately from issuing any legislations and to review all the laws passed through it, after this ruling which proved that the Shura Council is void at the moment and that its continuation until the convening of the House of Representatives is just a temporary situation dictated by the exceptional circumstance the country is going through.

El-Sadat called the President of the Egypt Dr. Muhammad Morsy to immediately consider this ruling and what it will entail and to compel the Shura Council to stop legislation and to invite the opposition to participate with their demands and views in connection with the Council and the legislations it issued, considering that its presence and its work was unconstitutional. He also called for finding out the best way for functioning in the coming period. He further demanded the speaker of the Shura Council and its members to maintain their self-respect and to stop messing with the laws and to realize that they are under the dome of a parliament that is doomed to invalidity.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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