A statement released by Anwar El-Sadat ...Head of the Reform and Development Party

Demanding the Quick Mandate of A Neutral Judge to Complete the Investigations Pertaining to Wadi Al-Natrun Issue

Anwar El-Sadat, Head of the Reform and Development Party, considered the contents of the ruling issued by the Court of Misdemeanor in Ismailia today, which ruled to refer the documents of the escape from the Wadi Al-Natrun Prison to the public prosecutor, as an extremely critical issue bringing to our attention the fact that foreign elements in the form of factions from Hamas, the Lebanese Hezbollah, Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood had a prominent role in committing crimes, killing and wounding members of prison guards and the police and aiding the escape of prisoners and other detainees who were held under custody, including leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who are currently controlling the country on top of whom comes Dr. Muhammad Morsy (the President).

El-Sadat pointed that the court's ruling requires the completion of these investigations because the court has directed serious charges to these leaders. He demanded to quickly mandate a neutral judge - who does not belong to any of the streams - to complete the investigations initiated by the court including all the names mentioned in the court's investigations and announcing the results to expose the truth to the people of Egypt.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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