ElSadat: President is to Blame in the Case of the Abducted Soldiers

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party (RDP) carries President Morsi full responsibility, as commander in chief of the armed forces, for the abduction of the Egyptian soldiers. He accused him of failing to release the soldiers and severely punish the kidnappers so as not to repeat this tragedy, which is considered a clear infringement on the prestige of the army.

El Sadat pointed out that Morsi had committed a fatal error when the presidency issued a statement demanding to save the lives of everyone, whether the abducted soldiers or the kidnappers. He expressed regret for the president's indifference with the reports that the jihadi groups are determined to target the military and police forces stationed in the Sinai during the coming period. 

El Sadat called for disclosing the mysteries around the killing of 16 armed forces in Rafah last Ramadan, as well as the police officers abducted now.

El Sadat stressed that Morsi must bear the consequences of releasing the jihadists and turning a blind eye on the activities of Hamas in Egypt, in a way that led to the catastrophes we witness today. Facing such catastrophes is impossible unless tough decisions are made without the influence or interference from the Guidance Office of the Muslim Brotherhood, 
Mostafa Jibril
Media Coordinator


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