El-Sadat Calls for Summoning the Egyptian Ambassador from Ethiopia for Consultations about the Renaissance Dam

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, demanded the President of the Egypt Dr. Muhammad Morsy to summon the Egyptian Ambassador immediately from Ethiopia for consultations and for reviewing the different options for dealing with the crisis of the Renaissance Dam, including the escalation of public pressure within Ethiopia and the Ethiopian neighboring Islamic countries like; Eritrea and Somalia whose relations with the Ethiopia are not so good. This move comes in protest against the Ethiopian side's decision yesterday to change the course of the Blue Nile so abruptly.

El-Sadat confirmed that while we strive to create a pleasant atmosphere with countries that were ignored by the former regime and with whom our relations got worse, especially the Arab countries, we get surprised by Ethiopia's decision to start the construction stages of the renaissance dam without any respect for the international conventions or even waiting for the report of the Tripartite Technical Committee, which is supposed to be finalized soon.

El-Sadat pointed out that one of the main articles of the Nile River Agreements is not to allow any of the basin countries to make any constructions or projects without the consent of the member countries and particularly the downstream countries. Since Ethiopia did not abide by these terms then the recourse to international arbitration or the Security Council or the UN's General Assembly will be in our favor. Hence, we must move on all the diplomatic, legal and financial institutions levels to stop the construction of the dam, which will negatively affect Egypt and its water-security.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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