El Sadat: The Arab League is Clinically Dead and we want a League that Achieves the Peoples' Will

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of Reform & Development Party, expressed dismay about the apparent absence of the role of the Arab League amid the important issues and events. He lamented the League's inability to contribute to the democratization process and the inefficiency of this huge entity compared to the successes achieved by the European Union and the African Union.

El Sadat wondered, isn't it time to make quantum Leap for the Arab League from being a League for regime and states, to a League for the peoples, a base for creating renaissance and ideas, an entity that sends a progress message to the Arab nation and even a platform to achieve the will of the Arab peoples towards integration in a way that maintains their unity, will, resources and identity?

El Sadat stressed that the survival of an entity that does not have the tools to deal with internal affairs and communicate with the community and political forces whether in the "Arab Spring" countries or the others will not help. Instead, it will greatly help to continue a scene of disintegration and the new generations will pay for it.
Mostafa Jibril
Media Coordinator


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