El-Sadat and the Party Youth Discuss the Issue of Haniyeh's Comments and Confronting the Passing of the Judiciary

Anwar El-Sadat, Chairman of the Reform and Development Party, held a meeting yesterday with some leaders and youth from his party to discuss the ongoing Egyptian events and developments in the view of the political momentum, and the dissatisfaction with the performance of the President and his government in managing the affairs of the country. In this meeting they discussed:

1) What took place with the issue of the abducted soldiers, where the kidnappers are and how they were not arrested or punished or deterred? The need to conduct an extensive cleansing process to obliterate any criminal gatherings in Sinai at large, rather than merely releasing the abducted soldiers, so the roots of terrorisms would be eradicated permanently. Along with that the future of the project of developing the territory of the Suez Canal and Sinai needs to be considered due to its national importance. Discussing this project however needs to be postponed until the elections of the House of Representatives so that the national security and Egyptian sovereignty would not be exposed to any risks.

2) The future of the House of Representatives' elections after it became clear that there is a deliberate intention and a clear direction from the President and his party not to hold any elections at this time due to their deteriorating popularity. This can be clearly seen from the laws that they keep sending with some infringing articles to consume more time and distract the attention of people away from the elections especially that a surprise may occur in the ruling of dissolving the Shura Council, scheduled for June 2nd, which may lead the MBs to recalculate all their plans anew.

3) The visits done by members of the National Council for Human Rights to the prisons and specifically (Mohammed Al-Beltagy from the Muslim Brotherhood - and Osama Roushdy from the Islamic Group) to meet the accused and convicted people in cases of the Taba and Sharm El-Sheikh bombings are conducted without any standards or specific rules. They are facilitated by the Public Prosecution, headed by the Attorney General (who is Muslim Brotherhood) to demand the release of some of these terrorists even though they were convicted through court rulings.

4) The statements of Ismail Haniyeh (Hamas leader) during the Friday sermon in Gaza, where he called the Egyptian people and the government to cancel the Camp David treaty or to make adjustments in the Security Annexes which is very strange and raises many question marks; not the request itself because we are not against reconsidering the treaty and we know that this process has to be done in accordance with its mechanisms and clauses, but we do not want advice from anyone interested in creating and fabricating conflicts with our neighbors. Haniyeh might as well be interested in the affairs of his country and the Palestinian reconciliation and sitting on the negotiations table to restore the rights of his people.

5) After the party announced the withdrawal of its Shura deputies from the discussion sessions of the Judicial Authority Law, the youth of the party emphasized the need to coordinate with the rest of the civil parties to discuss ways of escalation to confront the stubbornness of the Shura Council and compel it to postpone this law and abide by what is proclaimed by the judges themselves.

Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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