The Reform and Development Party Develops a Comprehensive Plan to Face Passing the Judicial Authority Bill

The Reform and Development Party (RDP) headed by Anwar El Sadat developed a comprehensive plan to face passing the Judicial Authority Bill which the Muslim Brotherhood, in conjunction with the Wasat, Civilization and Construction and Development parties, intend to pass by the Shura Council in an unprecedented judicial massacre.

The party's vision is based on the following three items: 

Item 1

That the judges announce in their clubs, general assemblies and the Supreme Judicial Council that they agree to "cleanse the judiciary" from corruption, as the Brotherhood claims and on their own terms, against that they agree to consider all what is supervised by the judges invalid, including the results of the referendum on the constitution and the presidential election, which entails the immediate stepping down of the president and the call for new elections 

Item 2

The plan submitted by the Wasat Party, and is supported by the Freedom and Justice and Construction and Development parties, to modify the Judicial Authority Law is not presented as a nation's integrated plan. Instead, it refers only to 3 items that tacitly serve the interests and vision of the political movement which proposed the plan. That threatens the bill to be unconstitutional because it was not referred to the Supreme Council of Judiciary and the judges' clubs and public assemblies 

Item 3 

The civil bloc in the Council and The Salafist El-Nour Party, who coordinate to form a parliamentary majority, reject the Judicial Authority Bill. If passed, it will expose the practices of the Muslim Brotherhood who want to dominance the legislative authority in Egypt.

Sadat stressed that he it will struggle to prevent passing that bill which would replace judges with others who belong to the Brotherhood so that they can take control of the judiciary system, which is detrimental to Egypt's image at home and abroad. 

Mostafa Jibril
Media Coordinator


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