El-Sadat surveys his voters about participating in the elections or boycotting

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) directed a message attached with a survey to the people of his constituency about participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections or boycotting them. He called on all his party members to take the same course and to survey their constituents. Based on this survey a final decision will be taken whether to participate in the elections or to boycott. This is the text of the letter addressed by El-Sadat to the members of his constituency. Respected members of the constituency…


Out of my concern for rebuilding our elected state institutions so they can exercise their role, and because I am so keen on not leaving the political arena empty for one faction to control it especially since there is a pack of laws of great importance that directly affect the lives and future of the Egyptians under a new constitution on which I had many reservations ending in my withdrawal from the Constituent Assembly of the Constitution with full respect to the final result of the referendum conducted on it.

I received an invitation from the presidential institution to attend the National dialogue concerned with the guarantees for fair parliamentary elections and I participated reluctantly, although I was sure and confident that it will not offer anything new. Still I yielded to the desire of many who believed that dialogue is the solution and that we must sit down to give what we have so that life can go on. Also out of my belief that our conflicts and political battles are not the fault of the Egyptian citizens whose only concern is to live a decent life. We all proposed the suggestions that we found suitable for guaranteeing fair elections without any conditions from my side that the presidency has to abide by each and every proposal I presented. I was waiting for the president to take a political decision and respond to at least some of the proposals suggested by the parties so we can encourage them to participate in the elections rather than boycott them but this never happened! It is quite obvious that the president and his brotherhood do not realize the gravity of the economic situation and the extreme deterioration taking place in the life of the Egypt citizens who cannot, on their own, solve the situation of their living conditions which keep causing many popular outbursts and there is nothing better to prove it than their request to get the army involved in running the country.

Even though I am so happy that Egypt accepted for the first time to have the elections supervised by the European Union and other international institutions, which is a very positive step. Yet it is not promising in the absence of serious intentions and a genuine political will, and ignoring to take adequate and reasonable guarantees to complete a fair electoral process. I have no wish to be involved in a farce and a parliament that is tailor-made for the Brotherhood and I would not accept this for you or myself.

For this reason I leave you to choose with your own free will what to do about these elections and this is your right. I will always be at the service of the citizens and constituencies without any change because in the end I do not care for a chair in a fake parliament nor would I sell myself or put my personal interest above that of the country. 

 With my sincerest regards,

Anwar E. El-Sadat


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