El Sadat Elected as Board Member to General Federation of NGOs

Anwar El Sadat, Chairman of El Sadat Association for Social Development & Welfare, was elected as board member to Egypt's General Federation of NGOs, amid high turnout of NGOs members who came from all governorates to choose the Federation Board Members. A total of 19 out of 36 candidates won the Federation Board Membership.

This is the second time for El Sadat to be elected as a board member of the General Federation of NGOs. El Sadat assured that he will do his best to lift all restrictions over civil society and voluntary work in Egypt, and to ensure that NGOs can function in a vibrant environment that respects the rule of law and state sovereignty. El Sadat highlighted that there is a need to support local NGOs since these organizations play a vital role in upgrading their communities, bringing Egyptians together, as well as achieving development and social justice. Sadat added that it is imperative to cooperate with international civil society in order to learn from and get exposed to different experiences.

Mostafa Jibreel
 Media Coordinator


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