El-Sadat Demands the President to Apologize for his Threats to the Politicians and the Media

Anwar El-Sadat (Head of the Reform and Development Party) demanded the President of Egypt, Dr. Mohammad Morsi, to apologize for the explicit threats he made to the political forces and the media in a speech yesterday before the Women's Rights Conference. He considered this as a clear desire from the President to have no opposition fronts in Egypt. He stressed that no one accepts insulting the president, his symbol and his standing nor diminishing the value of the Egyptians in his person.

El-Sadat expressed his utter surprise at the new trend of President Morsi and his new position from the politicians, journalists and Egyptian opposition in general. Needless to say that he was imprisoned at the time of the former regime for defending his right to speak and he pledged in the early days of his presidency not to harm the freedom of opinion and expression. But now he denounces this right and wants to confiscate it!

El-Sadat called President Morsi to stick to wisdom and to refrain from any rashness in his speeches and to accept criticism as long as reality confirms that there is poor management and a clear failure to contain the political and revolutionary forces, along with the state of discontent and resentment from which the masses of the Egyptian people are suffering.
Mostafa Jibreel
Media Coordinator


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